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The coffee ceremony holds great cultural significance in Ethiopia. Coffee beans are ground and roasted before being made and enjoyed during the ritual. The ritual, which unites people, can go on for several hours and promote happiness and wellbeing.

Event Desserts

Puddings, fruit sweets, and chocolate desserts go particularly well with black coffee. Light pastries go particularly well with any coffee served cappuccino-style, with milk, or with cream.

Special Occasions

Not to mention the well-known Ethiopian coffee ceremony, coffee is utilized for significant occasions like marriage and birth as well as other festivals and get-togethers.

Made From the land of Coffee Beans

Participating in the intricate coffee ceremony, which is a fundamental aspect of Ethiopian social and cultural life, is a must for every trip to the country. A coffee ceremony invitation is a great way to show off your friendliness and regard for someone, and it’s a great example of Ethiopian hospitality. In the presence of a guest, the ceremony must be performed virtually without exception, regardless of the time of day.

One young woman, clad in an Ethiopian traditional attire of white with colorfully woven borders, typically leads the coffee ceremony. The lengthy procedure begins with a 10- to 15-minute roasting and boiling period.



About Us

A decade ago, Abrinat General Trading PLC began exporting green coffee beans. Abrinat Coffee has become increasingly well-known in the coffee export industry since that time.
We process natural and washed coffee in several locations, such as Nekemte, Yirgachefe, Guji, Harar, and Sidamo. Our natural mills and washing units are where we process specialty coffees that can be tracked back to the farm.

The advancement of women in society as a whole is facilitated by our support for them. Women may effect positive change by supporting each other’s accomplishments and fighting for equitable chances. Future generations gain from this collective advancement as much as individual women since it makes the world more inclusive and equal.

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Each of us is a leader in our own right, deeply committed to achieving results that reflect leadership. We know exactly where we want to end up. We build the capacity to implement our plans and get rid of organizational obstacles.



Here, among our coworkers, there is authenticity and honesty. We follow the letter and spirit of the law in everything we do. We adhere to the Abrinat values and principles in all of our decisions and actions. 



We take responsibility for our actions to fulfill organizational goals, enhance our processes, and support others in becoming more productive. Each of us behaves as an owner would, considering the company’s long-term viability.

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